Write For Us Real Estate Guest Post: A Complete Guide

Staying updated on recent real estate industry trends is a must if you want to be on the top. As such, Structural Engineering Alliance International invites those who want to become contributors to submit guest post and share their knowledge with the whole world. Scroll down to learn more about this offer.

What You Can Write

These are some of the recommended topics you could cover in your guest posts:

  • Structural engineering
  • Structural planning
  • Residential and commercial construction and/or renovation
  • Construction industry trends and latest updates
  • Real estate business
  • Real estate industry trends
  • Real estate blog
  • Real estate news
  • Property management

Why Write For Us

There are many reasons why you should consider writing guest posts. Here are some for you to think about:

  • Establish or improve your online presence with the articles that you publish on our site.
  • Promote your real estate business.
  • Encourage readers to visit your website or any social media platforms.
  • Prove your expertise in the field of real estate.

Real Estate Guest Posts Guidelines

In order to ensure quality content, please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Keep your content original. Make sure that the guest post that you will submit is 100% yours. If the article is published on other sites, it will be deleted and removed from our blog.
  2. As much as we love reading new insights, minimize your word count to 750 up to 1,500 words. A guest blog that does not comply with the required number of words will not be accepted.
  3. An article should be well-researched and comprehensive. You can check out references; just make sure to that your article is unique.
  4. The use of headings and subheadings is encouraged but keep it organized.
  5. When necessary, our team has the right to edit the article according to the style. This also includes correcting misspelled words and minor grammatical errors. Do note that this does not involve major revisions, as it is expected that the articles submitted are complete and ready for publication.
  6. We reserve the right to accept or reject internal links in guest post.
  7. In case you will include images in your article, make sure that these are commercially free for use. If it is protected by copyright, our team can request a new image or add photos on their own.
  8. You may include a short autobiography of the writer or writers if you wish to be credited for the article. A lengthy description of the author is not advisable. So, keep it short and simple.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

After making sure that you have complied with the guidelines above, you can already send your article to us. We are accepting guest posts through our email: [email protected].

Please allow our team up to 5 days from receipt to review your submission. Any revisions or modifications will be communicated to you via a link. If you still have questions regarding real estate blogs, please feel free to reach out to us.

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