When to Call a Structural Engineer?

A Structural Engineer specializes in designing and analyzing the structure of buildings and other infrastructure. They provide drawings and specifications used by Architects when creating structural elements such as foundations or beams. They are also responsible for calculating stability, strength, and durability during design to ensure the safety of both occupants and visitors.

What Are The Best Times To Hire A Structural Engineer?

Hiring a structural engineer is essential when you suspect there may be issues with the structure of your home. They will be able to review the building and provide an accurate summary of any damage. In addition, they must provide foundation plans before installing prefabricated structures.

As licensed professionals, structural engineers analyze various factors which can affect a building structure and fix any existing issues to prevent future damage. You will need their expertise to get approval before beginning your construction project. If you’re planning a remodel, renovation, or addition, you’ll need a structural engineer to ensure the job is done right. The following are some situations where you may need a structural engineer:

1. Renovating or Remodeling

Structural engineers can design the remodel/renovation to keep the structure stable, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

If you notice cracks appearing in your house, you may need to bring in a structural engineer to fully analyze the scope of the issue and determine how it needs to be fixed. Attempting any fixes by yourself can prove disastrous.

It is also a requirement in some states to get a structural engineer to inspect your plans and building before you can get your permit for the renovation. It also applies to all other renovations you might have in mind, such as adding rooms or altering your existing floor plan.

2. Putting Your House On The Market

If you’re planning on selling your home, you will need to learn about all the existing issues that need attention. Homeowners must address all structural issues before putting their house on the market to ensure they get the most out of it. Structural engineers can inspect the house and help homeowners understand exactly what problems are present and require fixing.

3. Homebuying

Before buying a house, getting a general home inspection is recommended to be carried out by a structural engineer. This inspection can develop into a more thorough one if required. This can help homebuyers decide if the house they are considering is worth buying. It also helps them negotiate the price, considering the repairs needed.

4. Damage to Your Home

After your house has incurred any damage due to natural disasters or other reasons, you will need a structural engineer to assess the damage and advise on the repairs and fixes required. If your home has suffered damages after a storm, an inspection by a professional structural engineer can help your case with your insurance company. As qualified third parties, these engineers influence insurance decisions. In addition, they can offer reliable quotes on dealing with storm damage.

Why Do You Need a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers can assess your home’s structural issues and analyze their severity. They have experience in engineering design and structural analysis, making them a more suitable option than other professionals such as contractors or architects.

The structural engineer can also determine the cause of the problem and are best qualified to find the best solutions.

Structural engineers are highly trained professionals with expertise in designing and analyzing the strength and stability of structures. Structural engineers analyze the house’s structure and assess its future capacity and strength. They also offer guidance on how changes can be made safely.


1. How much does a structural engineer inspection cost?

Structural engineer inspections can cost anywhere from $350 to $1,000. The exact cost depends on the size and complexity of the project. For small dwellings, such as single-family homes, the average cost is between $550 and $790. Larger projects may require additional costs for plans and drawings that explain the repairs needed.

2. Do I need to hire a structural engineer if cracks start to appear?

If you have discovered a crack in your home’s structure, it is important to take action right away. Ignoring the issue may lead to additional damage and costly repairs. It is best to consult with a structural engineer who can assess the situation and provide solutions for repair or reinforcement.

3. When remodeling, what structural problems should I watch out for?

Before remodeling your home or building, you will need to analyze the load capacity of the structure, strength, durability, safety, and the quality of material previously and currently being used. You will need to also consider the structure’s current condition and the nature of repairs it requires.

Whenever you plan to retrofit or remodel your home, consult a structural engineer first. Their expertise can provide a more comprehensive analysis of the building’s structure and the issues to consider before remodeling to ensure its strength and safety.

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