Requirements For General Contractor License In California

You must decide the particular license you require, complete an application, pass a test, and provide supporting documentation in order to receive a California contractor’s license. We’ll go through who requires a contractor’s license, why licenses for contractors exist, and how to obtain one in California, specifically below. Your licensing-related query is probably addressed in our article.

What are the requirements to get a general contractor license in California?

Statewide uniformity applies to California’s general contractor licensing standards. You must: in order to acquire a general contractor license:

  • Possess a valid Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number and be at least 18 years old possess four years of required experience (journey-level or higher) from the previous ten years Pass the Contractors State Licensing Board’s two-part test.
  • Although you may substitute technical school or college credit for some of the experience requirements, there are no specified educational requirements. Additionally acceptable are military service and apprenticeships.
  • Additionally, if you currently possess a contractor license from Arizona, Louisiana, Nevada, or Utah, you could be qualified for a waiver of the trade test. You will nonetheless need to pass the Contractors State Licensing Board’s exam and have the necessary papers submitted.

General contractor license types

Three separate contractor license categories are available in California. Using the first two, you may function as a general contractor:

  • For specialized engineering projects, you require a Class A General Engineering Contractor license.
  • It takes a Class B General Building Contractor license to oversee projects that involve two or more unrelated crafts.
  • Class C Specialty Contractor: In order to carry out any of the 42 different types of construction work, you need a specialty contractor license.

To work on projects that are restricted to a single trade, general building contractors also need a specialty contractor license. On projects involving multiple trades, Class C contractors are not permitted to act as general contractors.

How much does it cost to get a CA general contractor license?

How much does it cost to get a CA general contractor license?

A number of payments must be paid, including the $330 application fee and the $200 license charge, among others. Every two years, active licenses must be renewed for a fee of $450. Additionally, a $15,000 bond or cash deposit is required.

There is no way to speed up the procedure, which might take weeks to approve for the general contractor license exam. It could go a bit faster if you are eligible for an exam waiver, but there is no assurance. Fortunately, you will be aware of your exam results before leaving the testing facility. You should then receive your wall certificate and pocket license card in less than two weeks. 

Once everything has been arranged, you ought to purchase insurance. It would be extremely unsafe to work as a general contractor without general liability insurance, even if you would not be legally obliged to have any insurance coverage except for commercial liability vehicles and workers’ compensation.

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